At we_magazine we believe that the Internet has the power to change the world for the better and to build a Greater WE. A world in which more people are able to live better lives. The Web is re-writing the way we work, live, produce and consume things and act as a society. It nurtures our capacity to drive change and innovation. It offers us so many new possibilities – possibilities which we still have to figure out how to use.

the arts

Artists have always been at the forefront of cultural innovation and cultural change. They embraced the Internet in its early days and created new art forms around it. Art has expanded not only in the virtual world; with the help of digital technologies it has also expanded into a diverse range of new disciplines such as biology, physics, astronomy and social sciences.

we and the arts

... is trying to connect the WE and the arts by showing art works from all over the world rooted in various disciplines. Whenever we could we linked our stories to the art of OUBEY and the MINDKISS Project, because his art

We_magazine Volume 07 Creative Commons

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01_dagmar woyde-koehler
02_peter kalvelage
03_peter kruse
04_liz howard
05_carl scrase
06_indy johar
07_peter weibel
08_hannah rieger
09_vanessa branson &
jon nash
10_john stubley
11_justus bruns
12_peter brook &
ulrike reinhard